Filmagallanes is inviting producers and directors from all over the world to come and film in the Region of Magallanes and Chilean Antarctica. Chile has some of the most austere and beautiful locations on the planet, including Fjord, glaciers, islands, mountains, stays, volcanoes and much more…


In addition, Chile has an enviable quality of light that is shared by only a few other places on earth. Filming in Chilean Patagonia would provide filmmakers with an opportunity to capture footage of unique and unexplored natural beauty.


Filmagallanes is  committed to providing filmmakers with the resources and support they need to create successful and innovative films. Come and explore Magallanes for yourself – you won’t be disappointed!

Why Magallanes?

If you’re looking for some of the most breathtaking filming locations in the world, look no further than Magallanes and Chilean Antartica. This amazing region has it all, from beautiful untouched forests to stark mountain peaks. And best of all, it’s relatively unexplored by filmmakers. That means you’ll have a chance to really make your mark on this amazing place. So if you’re looking for an opportunity to create something truly special, Magallanes is the place for you.

How Filmagallanes was born

Filmagallanes is a project that was launched by the Regional Government through CORFO’s Regional Directorate of Magallanes and Chilean Antarctica, within the framework of the Support Program for Strategic Impact Initiatives, which implemented the Program for the Reactivation of Tourism in Times of Crisis. 

This project is funded by the Regional Government of Magallanes and Chilean Antarctica together with the Regional CORFO, and aims to develop the creative and tourism industry in the southernmost region of the country.

The filmmaking team was formed out of a co-production between two audiovisual production companies: Nothing Matters and Drunk in Public.



This project involved the work, talent, and hospitality of people who contributed their knowledge to make this assignment a unique adventure for us as filmmakers.

Thanks to all the inhabitants of the end of the world who welcomed us, guided us and invited us to learn more about the locations.