Inútil Bay

Inútil Bay

Primavera, Tierra del Fuego

Some 130 kilometers south of Porvenir, immersed in the Patagonian pampa that evokes the vastness of Tierra del Fuego, is Bahía Inútil (‘Useless Bay’, named so in 1827 because it did not offer the navigator any major advantages as an anchorage or refuge). Coasts with immense cliffs tell the story of the passage of glaciers covering as far as the Strait of Magellan, and roads narrate the immensity of the spaces, offering pictures of great depth, where you can also see the region’s species, such as guanacos, flamingos and flocks of sheep. All of them under the incessant wind, which allows a few trees to grow horizontally across the coirones-covered steppe.


  • Location type

    Coastal Road, Bay, Sea, Landscape, Pampa, Wildlife, Documentary, Roads.

  • Road type

    Good condition gravel.

Filming Feasibility

  • High

    There are good gravel roads, there is an estate that could be a base camp for large productions.

Parking: Yes

Distance from Santiago

  • Option 1.

    3 hrs. flight, 2 hrs. boat journey, 1 hr. and 30 minutes to Bahía Inútil.

  • Option 2.

    3 hrs. flight, 2 hrs. and 30 minutes x route 9N to Cruce Punta Delgada.

    45 minute boat journey to Bahía Azul and then 1 hr. and 30 minutes to Bahía Inútil.


  • Months of more light

    Between November and April between 17 and 12 hrs of daylight.

  • Months of less light

    Between June and August 7hrs

  • Month of highest elevation of the sun

    December +60.02º

  • Month of lowest elevation of the sun

    June +13.15º

  • Windy months

    December to March.

  • Rainy month

    Between May and September.

  • Less windy month

    Between April and August.


  • Porvenir

    Distance to site

    1hr. 50 minutes.

    Base Camp option

  • Bahia Inútil

    Estancia Caleta Josefina

    Distance to site

    10 minutes.


  • Local Network

    3G in some places.


  • Clothing

    3 Layers
  • Footwear

    Goratex comfortable hiking
  • UV Protection

  • Physical condition

    Medium level demand
Bahía Inútil

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