Lake Pinto

Lake Pinto

Última Esperanza, Magallanes

A ranch used as a checkpoint for the Tranquilo River, today it is supported by ovine work. Featuring Patagonian architecture and modern construction materials and machinery, located 42 km from Puerto Natales, you can find windy Patagonian pampas, flocks of geese, sheep and horses. If you visit Lake Anibal Pinto, you will be able to see how the peats cover almost the entire lake, which is dyed in earthy colors, along with trees that grow horizontally. 

Featured in Lake Pinto

Estate with large tracts of land overlooking Lago Pinto, land with mountains, meadows and animals make this location a versatile set near Natales.


  • Location type

    Mountain, Viewpoint, Historical, Landscape, Forests, Coasts, Trails.

  • Road type

    Good condition gravel without much signage, curvy stretches and paths between forests.

Filming Feasibility

  • High

    It is well connected to the city, allowing for a day’s filming and return to the city.

Parking: Yes

Distance from Santiago

  • Opción 1

    3 hrs. flight, 3 hrs. by car from Punta Arenas and then 1 hr. dirt road to the estate.


  • Months of more light

    Between November and April between 12 and 17 hrs. of daylight.

  • Months of less light

    Between June and August 7 hrs.

  • Month of highest elevation of the sun

    December +60.02º

  • Month of lowest elevation of the sun

    June +14.45º

  • Windy months

    December to March.

  • Rainy month

    Between March and May.

  • Less windy month

    Between April and October.


  • Puerto Natales

    Distance to site

    48 minutes

    Base Camp option



  • Local Network



  • Clothing

    3 layers, rain and wind proof
  • Footwear

    Goratex comfortable hiking, gaiters, gloves and rain coats
  • UV Protection

  • Physical condition

    Low level requirement
Lago Pinto

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