Lake Fagnano

Lake Fagnano

Timaukel, Tierra del Fuego

Different colors characterize the landscape of Lake Fagnano depending on the time of year you visit it. As winter approaches, you will see it under an abundant layer of snow and the surrounding trees painted white. In the warmer seasons, hues vary between blue, green, red and even yellow. Over 98 km long, it is the largest lake of glacial origin in Tierra del Fuego, and Chilean access is from the central-southern part of the archipelago, along roads with forests, lakes and mountains. With strong waves, it resembles a freshwater sea. 

Featured in Lake Fagnano

View of mountains, rivers flowing into the lake, Patagonian forests and vegetation, powerful scenery.


  • Location type

    Landscape, Lakes, Mountain, Trails, Roads

  • Road type

    Good condition gravel , in winter only using chains and 4×4 , heavy snowfall although the roads are kept clear using machinery .

Filming Feasibility

  • Challenging

    It is one of the southernmost points of the island, with connectivity difficulties inherent to this area. Almost no hotels, only a few lodges and the Estancia Lago Fagnano, which has facilities on the shores of the lake, enabling logistics that involve filming on the lake or overlooking the mountain range.

Parking: Yes

Distance from Santiago

  • By Bahia Chilota

    3 hrs. flight, 2 hrs. boat journey, 4 hrs. and 40 minutes.

  • By Bahia Azul

    • 3 hrs. flight, 2 hrs. 30 x route 9N to Cruce Punta Delgada.
    • 45 minute boat journey to Bahía Azul and then 5 hrs.


  • Months of more light

    Between November and April between 17 and 12 hrs of daylight.

  • Months of less light

    Between June and August 7hrs

  • Month of highest elevation of the sun

    December +60.02º

  • Month of lowest elevation of the sun

    June +13.15º

  • Windy months

    December to March.

  • Rainy month

    Between May and September.

  • Less windy month

    Between April and August.

  • Snow

    Between June and August.


  • Parador Ruffin

    Distance to site

    2 hrs.

    Base Camp option

  • Lodge Deseado

    Distance to site

    30 Minutes

    Base Camp option

  • Estancia Lago Fagnano

    Distance to site

    On location

    Base Camp option



  • Local Network

    Satellite only


  • Clothing

    3 Layers rainproofed, gaiters, gloves
  • Footwear

    Goratex comfortable hiking
  • UV Protection

  • Physical condition

    Low level requirement
Lago Fagnano

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