Pali Aike

Pali Aike

San Gregorio, Magallanes

Located 196 km northeast of Punta Arenas, this National Park was created in 1970 and is currently administered by CONAF. It is a 4500 km2 volcanic field, with access to two main trails; Cueva Pali Aike and Morada del Diablo. Craters that were active millions of years ago now offer a perfect setting for imagining other planets with volcanic lava plateaus. Flat spaces allow sunlight to shimmer throughout the field. 

Featured in Pali Aike

Dark and contrasting volcanic scenery, terrain mixes with Coiron and lava.


  • Location type

    Landscape, Volcanic, Mountains, Lake, Roads, Pampa,National Heritage

  • Road type

    Paved road up to Villa Punta Delgada, then gravel road in fair condition up to the park.

Filming Feasibility

  • High

    There is the option of finding basic accommodation in Villa Punta Delgada. In Punta Arenas, 4 or 5 star hotels are available. The park has good access and parking areas. Because it is a CONAF protected area, permits must be requested for any audiovisual production in the area.


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Parking: Yes

Distance from Santiago

  • Opción 1

    3 hrs. flight, 2 hrs. drive from PUQ Magallanes.


  • Months of more light

    Between November and April between 12 and 17 hrs. of daylight.

  • Months of less light

    Between June and August 7 hrs.

  • Month of highest elevation of the sun

    December +60.02º

  • Month of lowest elevation of the sun

    June +14.45º

  • Windy months

    December to March.

  • Rainy month

    Between March and May.

  • Less windy month

    Between April and October.


  • Villa Primera Angostura

    Distance to site


    Base Camp option

  • Punta Arenas

    Distance to site

    2hrs 30 Minutes

    Base Camp option



  • Local Network



  • Clothing

    3 layers, rain and wind proof.
  • Footwear

    Goratex comfortable hiking , rocky volcanic terrain
  • UV Protection

  • Physical condition

    Medium level requirement
Pali Aike

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